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Hydra Pool Service

Your trusted Pool Service Provider in Yuma AZ

Hydra Pool Service has gained a reputation of providing quality pool care and amazing customer service. We have experienced pool service and maintenance technicians that are trained to service all of your pool’s needs.

We provide pool maintenance on a regular schedule, prep pools for spring and winter, sell chemicals, install chemical automated systems using bleach, salt systems, and repair leaks, lights, equipment, and plumbing. We also provide pool renovation services.

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Residential Pool Service

We provide the highest quality of pool care for our residential customers. No matter what size pool or spa that you have, our technicians can handle just about anything. We’re proud to help keep your private pool up and running so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Commercial Pool Service

Our top-notch commercial pool service will have your guests feeling at home in no time! We understand that commercial pools need a different level of care than that of a residential pool. Our technicians are professional, highly trained, and certified to make sure that your pool is clean and inviting.

Why Choose us?

Other pool services adopt a slap-it-together approach to pools. This leads to costly repairs down the line! We believe that if the job is done right the first time, we won’t have to keep coming back to charge you more and more money, never taking responsibility for our mistakes. Our clients keep coming back once they experience the Hydra Pool difference!

Worry Free Guarantee

Forget about fluctuating water chemistry. In fact, forget about buying and lugging chemicals, troubleshooting problems, remembering to latch the gate, whether its safe to swim, or if your filter’s making a funny noise

No Contracts Ever

No one wants to be stuck in a contract! We guarantee our services so that you won’t want to turn to google to search our competitors. We stand behind quality work and pristine swimmable pools

Priority Repair Advantage

When your pool filter breaks down in the middle of a heatwave, or your heater goes on the fritz in the middle of winter, it makes all the difference in the world to know you’ll get help quickly.

Salt Chlorine Generator

We don’t believe you or your family should swim in a pool without the benefits of a saltwater chlorine generator. They eliminate harmful chloramines and additives found in chlorination chemicals, and they noticeably improve water quality with a relative softening effect on hair and skin.

Total Clean Promise

“Spot Cleaning” is a dirty little practice some pool service companies use to reduce their prices. It involves picking and choosing what to clean based upon what you see. It ignores basic microbiology and flies in the face of proper pool care..

Show Up on Time

You can always trust we’ll be there, on time even if you’re at work. We use GPS enabled trucks, and each scheduled service visit is logged online with our data center, complete with the details when we’re done.

Pool Maintenance

To have the cleanest, most manageable pool system, it is recommended to get your pool cleaned at least once per week to reap the greatest benefit. Here are a few reasons to have this done with our monthly service plan:
Help keep down bacteria and harmful germs in the pool

• Maintains a clean, sparkling pool all of the time
• Keeps repairs in order on a regular basis
• Keeps filters and other equipment running smoothly
• Saves time and money in the long run
• Saves energy (eco-friendly) by keeping filters and other equipment running smoothly
• Keep your pool pump running smoothly with our pump repair service

Hydra Pool Services offers monthly cleaning services if you prefer to have your pool maintenance done monthly. For pool service, San Diego, choose Swim Care Pool Services. For pool repair San Diego, choose Swim Care Pool Services. We will come to your place of residence or business each week or bi-weekly or just when you prefer to keep your pool in tip-top shape year-round, so you won’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is enjoy your pool when you have us for your San Diego pool service.

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