Your Pool’s Chemistry and How to Maintain It

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When it comes to getting the balance of the swimming pools chemicals, there are five key points to consider these Five Points are to help you make sure the water chemistry full-year chlorinated swimming pool is balanced correctly. Remember that if you are concerned with using pool chemicals improperly to call your local pool cleaning service.

These five key points also will help you prevent the formation of bacteria and algae in your pool. your pool may very well become unhealthy and dangerous if bacteria and algae were to build up could cause a bug or mosquito infestation as a result of getting was called green water. these are the things that you need to inspect in order to make sure your swimming pool is clean and safe for all swimmers.

#1. Hardness of the water 

The level of water hardness is important to maintain because it will directly correlate with the balance of the chemicals in your swimming pool. water hardness consists of two different parts. Direct hardness level and the indirect hardness level.

The direct hardness level refers to the water hardness that is directly caused by the water supply for example hard water may be the result of partial minerals such as calcium and magnesium in it. Well water is known to possess different levels of hardness compared to city or Municipal Water Supplies.

Indirect hardness levels refer to hard water resulting from the use of chemical compounds one would use to treat the water. So the more chemicals you use in your pool the higher the hardness level.

#2. Chlorine concentration

The concentration of chlorine in your pool is the second most important aspect of balancing the chemicals within your pool. Chlorine is more important than any other substance because it Kilz harmful algae and bacteria. Although this is true there needs to be just the right amount of chemicals because too much will create an uncomfortable swimming pool. If your get stuck please call a reputable pool cleaning service.

#3. Proper pH balance

Having the right pH balance in your pool will help you achieve the right swimming pool chemical levels.  The pH number indicates whether a substance is an alkaline or an acid. it is very important to keep your pool levels basic. A pH level under 7.0 is more acid but the levels 7.2 to 7.8 is an optimal range for your swimmers.

#4. Level of conditioner

In order to stabilize the chlorine level in your pool there is a stabilizing element called cyanuric acid. it is also referred to as a pool conditioner.  Cyanuric acid works as a safeguard against the Sun and is important to add when your pool is filling up too loud the chlorine to work properly. the right amount of cyanuric acid in your pool is between 30 to 80 PPM. 

#5. Total alkalinity

Also known as TA, this element is one to keep in mind when balancing your pool. It represents the complete amount of alkalinity in your water. The total alkalinity of any pool should range between 80 and 120  PPM

When balancing your pools chemicals remember you must check them very frequently in order to make the necessary adjustments. When you are having trouble balancing your pools chemicals please call your local pool cleaning service.


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