5 Cool Upgrades For Your Pool

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Is your pool stuck with the same package it had when you first got it question? I mean the basic  Package. chances are, you do have the basic equipment package. It’s the package your pool builder installed with the pool which was best for them and not for you. There has been many Innovations in the pool technology and there has been Leaps and Bounds in the pool industry over the last several years. everything from sophisticated water features and coordinated lighting end High Tech heating systems almost no feature has been left out nowadays. In this article we’ve compiled the list of 5 cool upgrades for your swimming pool experience. check them out below.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

After only approximately 5 years of use most cleaners do not work nearly as well as they did when you first got them.  Robotic cleaners in particular are now available and are stand-alone units. With robotic units there is no need to run the pool pump like you used to anymore. Robotic camps mostly happy ability to be on cleaning schedules and are also Bluetooth capable and some are even remote-controlled making life so much easier.

LED Bulbs and Light Fixtures

LED light bulbs will not only brighten up your evenings near the poolside but they will also save you a lot of money on your electric bills. Similar to the bulbs found in your home a simple swapping out of halogen or incandescent to LED light bulbs could make a significant change to the look and feel of your pool. most even have color selections and preset color change Cycles which will give your pool a unique look and can also extend a daytime party into the night time.


Are you tired of watching your pool floater move up and around the pool while playing, or even worse in front of your skimmer? There are few simple tools out there like an offline chlorinator that can fix that problem. It’s a pretty simple installation process and the equiptment pad will help you efficiently dose the pool with chlorine appropriately. 

Chemical Monitoring

There are lots of new tech out nowadays and one of those things is the remote monitoring capabilities of your pool water. Some of the newer systems in the marketplace are even simple to install. Just Connect the system to your home network and download and app to your mobile device and drop the device in the pool. It’s really that easy. The notifications you will get on your phone will let you know if the water chemistry needs your attention. Then the device will automatically correct the balance of the pool chemicals which will save you time and money. Your local pool cleaning service would recommend which chemical monitoring system best suits your home and family to stay ahead. 

Timing and Automation

The old mechanical timers have now become digital timers and are much more accurate. From activating the Home Hub to automate the pool or simply adding the digital timer, automation is now never been more simple. The older units can be converted to include digital timers so the pool equipment will operate only when you want or need it to. Some of the systems come with a remote control feature as well.


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